Opal Wing Jewellery

Inspired by Nature, Created with love.

Inspired by the wild beauty of nature; fossils, gemstones, crystals and natural materials, Opal Wing Jewellery came into being in 2004

Opal Wing Jewellery features handcrafted Jewellery with rare precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals and fossils. Naomi’s creations are designed to speak to the heart, adorn the body and nourish the soul. Wearable and whimsical, each handmade creation symbolizes the untouched, organic beauty within the natural materials she uses. 

Known for her unique organic style and Earth loving philosophies; Opal Wing's newest collections feature Canada's biodiversity of Wildlife, Trees, Flowers, Plants and Pollinators. A percentage of each piece sold is donated to different conseravtion efforts supporting our local bio-diversity and ecology.



Naomi Assenheim

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