Nicole Gagnon Wooden Designs

I have a passion for art, an eye for aesthetics, and a love for design. I am a Canadian maker based out of Guelph, ON. I design and make wooden jewellery and accessories. For my creations, I hand select the woods from my local Canadian suppliers; always rummaging for the most interesting grains and colors. No stains required, just a nice clear water-based finish for protection. I like to keep the woods looking as natural as possible. My mission is to create modern, sustainable, high quality products. I am always looking for ways to reduce waste within my making processes and providing a product I can feel proud of. I enjoy providing customers with unique items that are alternatives to mass-produced commercial products. I cut, shape, and sand all my own pieces using smaller woodworking hand tools. Many of my wears are designed and made to be reversible with a different type of wood on either side. I would describe my style as modern minimalist. I tend to produce a bold geometric look, perfect for the modern day trendsetter. Price Range: $20 to $80


Nicole Gagnon

Fair November

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