Peter Pan Studio

I make one of a kind jewellery pieces using silver and organic stones like amber, coral, pearls. Also - turquoise and exotic jades. For me, each individual piece of jewellery begins with a drawing a design on paper. My ongoing painting practice infiltrates my ideas for jewellery on a daily basis. I get excited about how a two-dimensional sketch can transform into a three-dimensional wearable object. This relationship is most readily apparent in my newest line of work, where the silver settings are visually manifested as lines almost like drawings; where the silver replaces pencil strokes. The actual process of fabrication is quite dramatically varied from piece to piece. Though one common thread is silver, which has set the stage since I first began to experiment with metals in 1978. Whether cutting, preparing settings, soldering, polishing, or sculpting silver has always set the stage. Its light and airy quality creates a satisfying balance with the various stones used. Some of them are cut, some of them are in their natural form. Best exemplified by the relationship between the shiny silver and its rough and uncut amber companion. The amber stone is actually fossil tree sap ( around 50 mln years old ). Though it has a commanding presence, much like a stone, it is unbelievable light in weight. This allows for unending creativity in design. Large pieces can be coupled with light settings, once again pushing the play between two and three dimensions. My practice is constantly evolving, as I engage in further experimentation and play using a coral, pearls, turquoise and more exotic stones in new designs. Prices from $20 -$600.


Peter Barelkowski

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