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My creative work is a fusion of science + art that stems from my curiosity about the everyday and my passion for creative expression. Using vibrant colours and humour (puns) to make a seemingly complicated subject more fun, bringing light to how prevalent science and math are in our lives. All original designs are inked by hand by me using a gel pen on paper (posters, buttons, magnets, bottle openers, notebooks, calendars) or hand painted or screen-printed by hand onto fabric (tote bags, t-shirts, tea towels, cushion covers). Additionally, buttons, magnets, bottle openers are made by me using a hand press button maker machine. For some products, my original designs have been digitized for printing, the printing is done by myself (cards, stickers) or a printer (washi tape, pencils, pencil cases, enamel pins, cufflinks, coasters). Cutting, folding, assembling, and packaging of products are also done by me. My stationery and home wares collection includes greeting cards ($6), posters/calendars ($15 to $40), notebooks ($20), sticker sets ($20), enamel pins ($12), pin-back buttons ($4), magnets ($4), bottle openers ($10), washi tape ($6), pencils ($12), pencil cases ($25), coasters ($35), tote bags ($25), t-shirts ($35), tea towels ($35), cushion covers ($60). My designs are focused mostly on chemistry, but also include mathematics and physics. The science is accurate based on my education background and each design/topic is at first researched from scientific journal articles. Each product comes with a brief explanation of the science in a way that can be understood by anyone (eg. happy card shows the chemical structure of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for our happy emotions). The University of Guelph would be a perfect place to show my education-themed products, which include products well-priced for students.


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