My product line is a mix of yoga props, accessories and apparel. Many of my items are hand dyed and one of a kind, such as my lavender eye pillows, yoga bolsters & mediation cushions as well as my savasana blanket scarves. I cut, dye and sew most items myself and have a part time studio assistant (from Guelph! :) that helps with production. I use natural fibres and sustainable fabrics whenever possible and I am truly picky when choosing my fabrics, only working with materials that I love to wear myself. There is a lot of love put into our products and we love meeting customers face to face and hearing how much they appreciate our work. We also sell online and in yoga studios and boutiques across Canada. Our price range is wide - I make mini pouches with all my left over hand dyed fabrics, these sell for $10 and are a great student item. Eye Pillows are also an affordable student item from $24-28. Larger items and apparel are priced between $75-$150


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