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We design our artisan foods by using the highest quality ingredients and following the healthy Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean food is recommended world-wide by doctors and healthcare professionals as having a high level of antioxidants and as a way to fight cholesterol. All our products are all natural, mainly sugar free (some are with natural maple syrup), either no salt or very low salt , as well as vegan (no animal products) and gluten free. Tapenade, tapas, culinary herbs, flavoured olive oils and balsamic are to be used in healthy preparation of everyday meals or for entertaining. Our product line is also a gift item (great alternative to wine at a party) or for the home gourmet chef!

We are a husband and wife team of full-time artisan food makers; whom make our gourmet foods by hand (no employees). We have been selling at craft shows for over 20 years. I've designed all of our creations. Many hours of trial and error go into designing; the balance of flavour only truly settles after it has been preserved and aged. Also it is very easy to create formulations when you can use salt, sugars, glucose-fructose, chemicals, dyes, etc. It takes determination and creativity to design foods without these harmful additives. We sell our products at craft shows and on our web site, also hand- picked retailers. It brings us great joy to talk one on one with our customers; to hear how they appreciate our natural products and how they are using it in food preparation.

During the spring and summer months our foods can be used on the barbeque or oven for beef, pork, lamb, seafood, chicken, and eggs. They're also great with grilled veggies, stir fry, pasta, pizza, salad, dips, etc. As we get into the fall and Christmas season they can also be used for entertaining, serve with cheese trays, baked brie, crostini, puff pastry, hors d'oeuvres, we could go on and on! With each purchase our customers receive recipes on how to use our natural artisan foods. Over the past couple years Sandy has been working on her Fromage Certification from George Brown College of Culinary Arts. This enables us to help our customers with pairing our products with cheese. Hard Cider Kitchen Sandy has started a line of preserved products using only Ontario grown produce. We are very excited with this line as it supports our local farmers. Our main ingredient is Apples, Hard Cider (alcohol content is cooked off when product is made leaving the enjoyable Hard Cider flavor), and Cider Vinegar. We combine these three main ingredients with fruits and veggies and other natural ingredients (no high fructose or chemicals) to once again bring a healthy option to our customers. 

Cook's Gourmet Product Pricing- many products can be mix and match with types of product range for 3/$27.00 (customers appreciate being able to pick up a little selection).Also offer free gift wrapping, combinations are put together in cello with bow at no charge. Tapenade8oz jar 31/2" tall - $10.00 or 3/ $27.00 Artichoke “ Red Pepper - Black Mission Fig - Pepperoncini - Shitake mushroom “ Tuscany black olive Tapas non- olive 8oz jar - $10.00 or 3/$27.00 Madrid “ Fig & Balsamic “ Pepperonata “ Fenneled Sundried -Caramelized Rhubarb “ Moroccan Italian Olive Oil & Balsamic250ml - $10.00 or 3/$27.00 Infused Cold Pressed Olive Oil 250ml - $20.00 Garlic “ Red Hot Chili Pepper “ Herb de Provence - Sundried Tomato - Italian “ Lemon-Basil Infused Modena Balsamic250ml - $20.00 Blueberry “ Cranberry “ Chocolate - Lemon Culinary Herbs 250ml - $10.00 or 3/ $27.00 Sun kissed Tomato - Mediterranean Kitchen - Calabria Pepper - Sicilian Coast  7 - Hard Cider Kitchen “ Jam 250ml - $10.00 or 3/$25.00 Hard Cider Apple Jam “ Hard Cider Apple Blueberry Jam “ Hard Cider Apple Cranberry Jam 8 - Hard Cider Kitchen “ BBQ 250ml - $10.00 or 3/$25.00 Original Hard Cider BBQ - Triple Berry BBQ “ Spicy Smoke BBQ 9 - Hard Cider Kitchen “ Dressing 250ml - $10.00 or 3/$25.00 Cranberry “ Herb Blend “ Lemon Garlic "


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