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Saskia is a Textile Artist who was educated and trained in the B.A. Honours Embroidered & Woven Textiles program at Glasgow School of Art Scotland. Saskia travelled extensively from an early age and, to this day, one can visibly “feel” that influence reflected in her work.  From Britain to Russia and beyond: India, New Zealand, Australia, Polynesia and eventually to Canada, her home for over 25 years, Saskia’s early exposure to multiple cultures is found in her love of unconventional colour-pairing and rich textural detail.

Referencing her sketchbook drawings, Saskia uses a basic domestic sewing machine as a drawing tool and ‘free’ stitches her playful patterns and images onto fabrics as diverse as: velvet, silk, linen and reclaimed cotton and wool. These canvases are then used to create her unique embroidered works for the home and body. The textile medium is where Saskia feels most creative, playing with the joyful colours that enable her to express what she sees and imagines.

Saskia lives in Toronto with her family and can be found most days creating wonder in her studio with a cup of tea at her side.


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