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Saskia is a Textile Artist who was educated and trained in the B.A. Honours Embroidered & Woven Textiles program at Glasgow School of Art Scotland.

Saskia’s family lives across the globe and she takes comfort in the rituals and memories that connect her to the people and places that she loves. Being originally from England, tea drinking is all important. The teacups we use, the history and memory that they hold. Birds have always captured Saskia’s imagination with their colourful plumage, habitats and rituals. They become playful characters connected to and intertwined with the places she has traveled. The New Zealand Fantail is a favourite.

Saskia’s process starts by drawing, observing and collecting ideas in her sketchbooks. The textile medium is where she feels most creative, playing with the joyful colours that enable her to express what she sees and imagines.

Saskia lives in Toronto with her family and can be found most days creating wonder in her studio with a cup of tea at her side.


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