RhizaeCosm - A Union of Germinate & Mystic Wood

RhizaeCosm is a compilation of handcrafted wearable, functional & decorative art, coalescing natural, wild, symbolic, ancient, spiritual & bohemian elements. The collection includes jewelry, textiles, carving, home décor & apothecary. RhizaeCosm illustrates that functionality, aesthetics & sustainability can coexist by transforming natural, reclaimed, local, wildcrafted, organic & ethical materials.



Shan & Alex Ferri are self taught, multidisciplinary artists whose creative process stems from an intrigue of handcrafting functional, wearable & decorative pieces, while being mindful of environmental footprint & social sustainability. RhizaeCosm has both a wild & refined aesthetic, harmoniously integrating various disciplines, illustrating that functionality, aesthetics & sustainability can coexist. Their current work, which coalesces natural, symbolic, ancient, spiritual & bohemian elements, focuses predominantly on jewelry, textiles, apothecary, carving, woodworking, pyrography & home décor. The changing seasons influence their materials & designs. RhizaeCosm is reflective of nature, growth, process, evolution & creating a new existence to quiescent elements. Their intention is to create each individual component of each art piece by transforming natural, reclaimed, local, wildcrafted, organic, ethical, upcycled & vintage materials. Everything has a story & innumerable discarded objects have potential to become something both beautiful & useful. The nature of the materials used assures each piece is unique. Being fully involved in the process, is fundamental in their craft, from individually hand forging components, to salvaging items, to sustainably & ethically hand gathering raw materials, which are integrated in their projects. From seed saving, to organically growing & mindfully wildcrafting herbs, which are hand infused, fresh in season & alchemized in the apothecary line.  Using herbs from one’s own bioregion, creates a connection to seasonal cycles & flora in our natural surroundings, cultivates sustainability, ensures a higher quality & efficacy of healing properties. From the manner in which things are grown, gathered, harvested & handled, there is embedded energy in what we put in & on our bodies, in that we choose to surround ourselves. Knowing the maker, their philosophies & their practices, cultivates a connection, to others, to the elements, the process of creation & an understanding the vibration infused in the wares, which ultimately influences the way one feels. Transcending gender & generations, the RhizaeCosm aesthetic appeals to those focused on eco-conscious natural living, seeking local, ethically & sustainably made wares, to individuals who surround themselves with functional & wearable art that has meaning & purpose.


RHIZAE meaning roots & COSM, signifying universe, embodies the principle that there is a correspondence between the various planes of being, between the macrocosm & microcosm, between celestial & terrestrial phenomena, that we are quantumly entangled, intimately linked, composed of stardust, that every action or inaction has an effect, thus bringing sacredness or intention into each moment, each act of creation, will influence our surroundings.


Shan & Alex Ferri

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