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Whiskey Barrel aged Maple.  We are the first!  We are the best!  Much of the fruit based product for Wellington Made syrups and confit is grown on our farm located on the Grand River. The berries, vegetables and flowers are hand picked, pressed or steeped and processed in a commercial kitchen into beverage syrups, chutneys and charcuterie confit. Our maple syrup is selected by grade and stored into just dumped whiskey barrels where it ages under certain conditions for 4-8 months. It is then bottled and hand packaged for sale. Each item is small batch, hand made and packaged using heritage recipes without the use of chemicals or synthetic preservatives. In an effort to maximize our product mix and utilize our equipment we have developed a new Drizzle for 2019 made from reduced balsamic/elderberry/fig aged in our maple whiskey barrels. Our 2019 Christmas test market for Drizzle sold out in 2 days! The success of our winter chutneys will continue to being in new flavours to delight our fan base.. Our prices range from $10. to $45. including specially packed gift sets. Our Whiskey Infused Maple Syrup is our most popular item and we package  a 500 ml, a 375 ml and 250 ml bottle for the holiday season which offers three price points for student gifting. Each year we grow our inventory and the demand keeps increasing!  The Whiskey Maple has now earned it rights as a "must have" stocking stuffer and people now order in advance to make sure they don't dissappoint anyone!


Shelly Walsh
West Montrose

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