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Made with heart and hands in Toronto, Canada by Lori Francescutti, IGNIS BOREALIS is a meditation on the elements that come together to create a hand-forged piece of jewelry. The artist's work has been described as both contemporary and primitive and is uniquely informed by a self-taught background in metalsmithing. Playful exploration of silver and gold come together with natural and raw gemstones, resulting in organic pieces that each have a story to tell.

Artist Statement

I fell in love with metalsmithing in the summer of 2018, after a long history of creative expression in other mediums. In 2010, I graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design with a degree in Drawing and Painting. After traveling extensively, training as a midwife, and returning to Toronto a single mother, I was yearning to create again. I began experimenting with metal on a whim in my guest bedroom and have become a self-taught metalsmith.

I am inspired by nature and organic forms. I appreciate the potential for the metal to collaborate with me in providing it's own input while being melted and manipulated. I take the approach that there are no failures, only happy accidents. By harnessing those accidents, I find creative solutions that, in turn, inspire future work.


Made To Order:

I have a line of silver only pieces that I offer as Made-To-Order on the website. These pieces start at $48 and go up to $300 CAD.

One of A Kind:

Prices vary for my OOAK pieces, but generally range from $300 CAD and up for silver and gemstone pieces and $500 CAD and up for pieces with karat gold elements.

NB: I love my Canadian customers! Please note that all web prices are listed in USD for the purpose of international commerce. Please contact me directly for special rate Canadian pricing, or use the Coupon Code LOONIE at checkout for a discount if shipping within Canada. Thanks for shopping local!

Sustainable Business

I collect and re-use my own scrap metal and filings by melting them down to create new forms or by applying them in my fused and textured 'Topography' pieces. I use natural and ethically sourced stones from trusted lapidary artisans, some of whom mine their own rough directly from the source. I purchase recovered/recycled precious metals from my distributors whenever possible. This is from a process where jewellers return their scrap and "bench sweeps" to the precious metal company, and then these are melted down, separated (recovered) and recycled into usable form, such as sheet and wire. I minimize waste every step of the way by reusing packaging from my distributors (I have yet to buy any plastic sorting bags or bubble wrap in over two years of business) and am always looking for better solutions for affordable eco-conscious packaging/shipping options.


Lori Francescutti

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Web: www.ignisborealis.com

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