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I am primarily a self-taught woodworker who gained majority of my knowledge through the trial and 'terror' method. I prefer experimentation over formal training as any mishap becomes a creative opportunity: opportunity to fix or opportunity to build upon the mishap and make it a focal point.

I started the woodworking venture in 2006 focusing on custom made furniture. I have created bathroom vanities, chest of drawers, and blanket boxes. However, as time progressed I shifted my focus to more personal items that can be used daily. That’s when I discovered the writing instruments: wooden bodied pencils; rollerball, fountain, and ballpoint pens. Over the years they have become my best-selling item and I continue to produce them while always making sure I make exciting new additions. I have also made home décor items: various wooden bodied lamps, or tree burls that have been made into wall decoration.

My preference is using domestic and exotic hardwoods. All wood is used in its natural state and colour leaving wood combinations up to the imagination. Imperfections in the wood (knots or tears) are never discarded; instead sought after when I’m purchasing wood. My latest experiments have been into resin casting that will enhance or focalize the wood imperfection as well as allow me to use new raw materials such as pine cones or seed pods.

In 2020, I started to grow my YouTube Channel (link here) where I show some of my creative processes, workshop activities, and CNC work. I am constantly evolving to bring you the best!

My work: 

  1. Writing Instruments: wooden-body ballpoint, fountain, and rollerball pens; wooden-body pencils; and wooden-body styli. Woods are selected from domestic or exotic hardwoods; historic woods (wood dated to be 5000), or wood with significance to a region or client.

  2. Writing instrument peripherals: these refer to wooden bodied pen cases, storage, display components, and stands. Current pen cases include a single-pen or dual-pen construction and available in either plain wood or Lichtenberg burn pattern (a.k.a. fractal burning or lightning pattern) wood. For 2020 a new pen case design will be introduced. It has been prototyped in 2019 and new tools have been aquired for production.

  3. Wooden Furniture and Home Decor: cabinetry, bookcases, vanities, blanket boxes, tables, centerpieces, upscaled clocks, and keepsake or jewelry boxes. Aside from any hinges, slides, or casters, all wood is joined using wood joinery: bisquits, dowels, finger or dove tail joints.

  4. Kitchenware: cutting boards; salt, pepper, and coffee grinders; scoops, bowls, trays, Lazy Susan's, and wine drinker accessories. 



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