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Building on a long family tradition of farming, buoyed by years of practical experience in the dairy industry (Kevin) and years of operations and marketing experience (Cindy), it was a natural choice to start their own family farm operation; a dairy goat farm just 15 minutes east of Peterborough, in Keene, Ontario. In 2006 the journey began with a busy year of building and reconstruction of our 1800’s barn to accommodate bringing the girls home! Finally the first does began to arrive in March of 2007 and they began shipping raw milk within the month. The rest is history.

This is where we turn our farm fresh goat milk into handcrafted and sustainably made beauty products. But it is also something so much more. It is our home, and it is where the idea for our Happy Body Collection was stumbled upon.

My name is Mackenzie, and this is my story: When I was born I inherited chronically dry skin from my father. My mother had no idea how to manage my skin condition, as her skin has always been oily.

As I aged, my dry skin quickly progressed. There weren't many natural treatments available, and my mother did not want to expose my sensitive skin to harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

My mother decided to take research into her own hands. Coincidentally, she discovered that goat milk has the potential to heal and soothe irritated and incredibly dry skin! It seemed too good to be true that the animals we were raising on our very own farm could be the solution to my skin issues.

I was given pure goat milk baths, with shocking and delightful results. My skin cleared up, and became silky smooth. As I grew older, my mother and I continued to experiment with goat milk skin care. I no longer need to take pure goat milk baths, as we developed our luxurious line of soaps, creams, and cleansers to heal and soothe my skin!

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