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I invite you to explore my original hand crafted stained glass collections (Holiday Ornaments, Garden Friends, Autumn Leaves, Canadian Landscapes, Air Plant Terrariums & Crystal Prism Collection...) that have been growing and changing over the past 20+ years. They are inspired by Canadian nature and my time in the garden, discovering the ever changing timeless beauty and delicate strength that surrounds us. The gravitational pull to create in stained glass was instant from my first exposure. I realized that like nature, glass with its varied colours and textures allow for dynamic pieces of art: where the shifting light and changing seasons produce living works.

The foundation of my work begins with the Louis Tiffany stained glass copper foil technique. The art glass is carefully selected for each design. I am known for incorporating jewels, crystals, wood, rock, hand twisted wire and one of a kind 3D metal sculpted wind swept pine trees. These inclusions create depth, additional points of interest and prism casting. I’m told that what makes my art recognizable is the “unique and airy natural designs with exceptionally smooth solder lines that are part of the art and not a distraction, which appeals to all ages.”

I attend several curated shows across Ontario every year and do commission work and build inventory from my home studio in Wellesley. I look forward to meeting you and exploring the world of natural living colour in stained glass together. I hope my creations can transport you to a special memory and add a little joy to your everyday, weather kept as a home decor accent or given to someone special as a gift. My price range is $22 and up, with many items brought to shows priced within the $22-$125 price range.



Wanda Schultz - Poole

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