Rustic Wood Goods

We are a husband and wife team producing one-of-a-kind, high-end, wooden kitchen and home decor from our home shop in Cambridge, Ontario.

Our small business started roughly a decade ago, although at the time we had no idea what it would become. This was simply a hobby using our little detached garage to create decorative items and kitchen ware for our first home and other family members. At some point we gained enough courage to sell some of these in a family-run, seasonal gift shop. We'll be the first to admit, that many of these first items were nothing special. However, each and every project has taught us something, and we strive to make each one a little better, stronger and more beautiful than the last. 

We've since moved into a (slightly) larger workshop and home, and sold hundreds and hundreds of these items locally, online and across North America that we couldn't be more proud of. 

We have a great respect for the natural resources and forests that make our business, living and hobby possible, which is why we utilize only responsibly and locally sourced materials in all of our products.


Brad Larente

Fair November

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