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Our denim jackets, ponchos and throws are all one-of-a-kind. They are clever, sophisticated, thoughtfully designed and professionally crafted from previously loved garments. Our jackets are really individual pieces of art, the level of detail is inspiring. The combinations of colours and textures is completely unique.

We source denim jackets that have a lot of years left in them, and then we match them with the perfect sweater sleeve. Once we see the jacket and the sleeve together, we start playing with fabrics to really pull it together. The addition of creatively appliquéd artistic fabrics adds the perfect balance of sophistication and charm. Beautiful, functional design is not about adding more, it's about knowing when enough is enough.

Our ponchos are made by combining sweaters that have gorgeous textures and colours. We balance those pieces in just the right proportions to create a wearable work of art that is as warm and cosy as it is show-stopping.

Cleverly combined squares of previously-loved sweaters and soft flannel fabric create one-of-a-kind blanket throws. Each throw is completely unique and hand knotted. Our fabric baskets are made using all of the bits of left over cotton fabrics from the jackets. We even take bits of sweaters that are too small for anything else and make mittens. We want to use every last scrap of fabric.


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