Elvenwoods textile studio is located in Guelph, Ontario. There, I create bespoke clothing, home decor items, unique handbags silk & felted scarves and jewelry accessories. All clothing designs begin with a blank canvas of glistening silk. Each length is hand painted - the colourful silk dyes allowed to blend and swirl, creating their own story. The silk is then steam set to provide wash fastness. Cold & hot batik, ebru marbling, watercolor, shibori and eco printing with leaves are a few of the techniques used to produce one of a kind silk fabric. This fabric also becomes the base for my felted accessories & clothing. I laminate by hand merino wool, silk, bamboo and tencel fibres into the silk fabric through a wet felting process.This creates a soft, light felted fabric which drapes beautifully. My bags are created from up-cycled leather coats combined with felted fabric, hand painted silks and locally sourced wool fleeces. 



Karen Dodds

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