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I believe wood is beautiful. The natural colors, grains, and textures produce works of art, both sublime and practical.

Growing up, my father and grandfather were heavily into woodworking. My grandfather built his own cottage in northern Ontario and my father built most of the furniture in our family home. They passed their love of wood and woodworking skills on to me. My father-in-law also contributed greatly to my love and knowledge of fine wood crafting.

Wood is the foundation of my work. In my pieces, I seek to draw out wood’s natural beauty. I enjoy making functional items, which can be appreciated in daily life. I have made a variety of products from installation beam shelving to piggy banks.

I tend heavily towards using the natural colors of wood in my pieces, rather than adding colour to the wood; however at times I will use coloured resin to compliment a particular piece. I am always on the lookout for wood I can re-claim, and some of my most beautiful pieces have come from that type of wood. I also favour food-safe, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly finishes.

My products fall into the following categories:

Custom Installation (not featured at craft shows): Beam shelves, decorative fencing, garden trellis', pergolas, lintels.

Personal Grooming ($20-225): Razors & razor sets, essential oil / perfume applicators, perfume misters.

Wooden Fashion ($20-80): Boutonnieres, cufflinks, pocket inserts, rings, pendants

Home Goods ($9-200): Charcuterie boards, coasters, mugs, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, corkscrews, salt & pepper shakers, coffee scoops, speakers, light pulls, keychains, signs, terrariums (collaboration: bases crafted by me, terrarium crafted by plantbabies.ca)

Writing Instruments ($9-100): Pens, pencils, fountain pens, calligraphy pens, styli, desktop pen holders, business card holders.

Toys ($39-60): Rattles, piggy banks, yoyos.


Micah Cutler

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