Lickety Spit Fibre Farm

We are an alpaca and sheep farm located outside of Hamilton, Ontario that focusses on producing lovely fibre from animals that are healthy, happy and well cared for.  With all  of that fibre, we create hand-spun and mill-spun yarn, roving and felting material which is either left in its natural colour or dyed.  We use botanical dyes to creatre out colourways because we believe in minimizing our ecological footprint.  In addition to the things we sell to makers,  we also use our wool to make felted home decor, bedding, clothing, laundry balls and felted soaps that showcases the wonderful properties of natural fibres. 

We believe in raising our animals in an ethical and sustainable way, and we create the products that we sell with the same beliefs.  


Melinda Ramsay

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