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Edna’s Pickles is a Canadian business based in Mississauga, Ontario, that makes a line of Gourmet Indian chutneys and relishes. We also sell 2 recipe books that is a collection of tried and tested recipes which are the result of over 40 years of cooking for family and friends. 

Indian pickle is a condiment and the art of making it goes back hundreds of years in India. Usually, each family has its own distinct version. They are very versatile and can be eaten with bread, rice, noodles, barbecued fish, grilled chicken, in roast beef or any cold cut sandwiches and even as a dip with pappadums and tortilla chips.  

We make varieties of Indian Chutneys & Pickles.  Flavours namely: Hot Triple Mix (Mango/Carrot/Gherkin) Sugar free, Super Spicy Mango, Hot Eggplant, Mango & Gherkins Mix, Savoury Carrots, Tangy Lime, Crunchy Gherkins, Mixed Vegetable Pickle, Cabbage Delight, Sweet Lime, Sweet Mango Mash and Cranberry Delight Chutney. 

Essentially, fruits and vegetables are pickled in oil, vinegar and a mixture of spices. All the ingredients are purchased locally. The fruits and vegetables are all hand cut. No food processors are used to cut any of the fruits and vegetables. The pickle is then prepared according to recipes that were either handed down through the family or through personal experimentation.


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