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Our Story

Building on a long family tradition of farming, fostered by years of Kevin’s experience in the Dairy industry and Cindy’s knowledge of operations and marketing, it was a natural choice to begin their own family dairy farm operation. In 2006, just 15 minutes east of Peterborough in Keene, Ontario the journey of creating a dairy goat farm began. It started with the reconstruction of their 1800’s barn to create a lovely home for their goats. In March of 2007, after a year of hard work, it was finally time to bring home the does! In just a month, they began shipping raw milk and the rest is history.

We decided to use our milk to create artisanal cheeses along with our sister company Happy Body Collection which produces high quality skin care products.  Cross Wind cheese products began in 2010, Happy Body in 2016 and then in 2019 we decided that we wanted to continue using our farm products for something more - then Coco Cakes and Bellas Biscuits was born!  A  line of all natural horse and dog treats.



Cindy Hope

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