Carolyn Lee

I create one of a kind butterfly and moth sculptures.

My pieces may include hand made clay sculptures, wood ,glass or what I like to call " rusty treasure". Every insect is carfully tooled in leather and then painted, wired and sewn to form a life like butterfly or moth. All my creations are made to the true size and colour of the insect except , of course, the ones that are purely from my imagination.

I have been creating my insect sculptures for 2 years. I have been a potter for over 40.  

Every sculpture is one of a kind and therefore the prices vary according to the time involved in constructing each piece. All the pieces shown for sale cannot be exactly duplicated. If you have a favorite butterfly or moth please contact me through my web site and we can discuss an original wall piece or sculpture just for you.

My wall butterflies and moths start in price at $50.00 to $100.00.

My butterfly and moth sculptures start in price at $85.00 to $375.00.


Carolyn Lee

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