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SEED TO SHELF HOT SAUCES  - Made at the University of Guelph.

This is an annual 12-month project where undergraduate students of the Food Science department PLANT, GROW, HARVEST, DEVELOP, DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, LABEL and SELL our classic Cannon Fire sauce and the ever changing totally new creation of our students. 

CANNON FIRE  ($10) Our original sauce which we started making in 2018. Cannon Fire celebrates the University of Guelph’s naval cannon Old Jeremiah and is a fiery blast of habanero, cayenne and Trinidad scorpion peppers grown right here on campus. Cannon Fire goes great with wings, enchiladas and eggs.

CANNON FIRE [NSFW] ($12) Our original sauce flavour but with twice the heat (maybe more) !! Habenero, Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, and Devils Tongue chilli peppers grown right here on campus make this Not Safe For Work. Cannon Fire [NSFW] goes great with tears, bravery and definitely does not go well with work.

HOT TROPIC ($10) Sweet with Heat. Pineapple, sweet and spicy chilies and tropical spices make for a delicious warming heat. Hot Tropic pairs well with seafood, tacos and empanadas.

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