CannonFire Hot Sauce


SEED TO SHELF HOT SAUCES  - Made at the University of Guelph.

This is an annual 12-month project where undergraduate students of the Food Science department PLANT, GROW, HARVEST, DEVELOP, DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, LABEL and SELL two hot sauces: our classic Cannon Fire and the ever changing “Class of …” sauce which is a totally new creation of that years students. 

CANNON FIRE  ($10) Our original sauce which we started making in 2018. Cannon Fire celebrates the University of Guelph’s naval cannon Old Jeremiah and is a fiery blast of habanero, cayenne and Trinidad scorpion peppers grown right here on campus. Cannon Fire goes great with wings, enchiladas and eggs.

HOT TROPIC ($10) This is a special edition sauce for the Class of 2021. Pineapple, sweet and spicy chilies and tropical spices make for a delicious warming heat. Hot Tropic will only be available for this year so get it while you can! Hot Tropic pairs well with seafood, tacos and empanadas.
For Everyone: Available for pick up at the Guelph Food Innovation Centre, December 1, 2, 3 (Cash only)
For UofG Students, Staff and Faculty only: Available at Fair November in UC Courtyard - December 1 and 2 (Cash only)


Derek Vella