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At Wellington Made we take the time to create plant based syrups and condiments that elevate your beverage and culinary experience.  What we do not grow using organic practices, we source from local "like minded" suppliers.  Circularity and Sustainability is imperative. (our product waste and equipment are upcycled to other food and beverage processors for reuse.)  We do not use pesticides, chemical additives or any preservatives that nature did not provide.  Think "Slo Food".

We are a local grower/ producer of specialty berries and plants blended to provide a unique food experience and of course, create amazing cocktails and mocktails. Our Whiskey Barrel Aged Dark Maple is aged 4-6 months in oaken whiskey barrels, then filtered and bottled by hand. The Wellington Made Drizzle, with aged balsamic, elderberry and fig is a glorious reduction which functions as a finishing drizzle, cheese pairing or dessert topper.  Our Elixirs (plant based, "good for you" syrups) offer unique, amazing blends with minimal sugars and maximum flavor.

We do all the work for YOU.  Hand  picked, pressed, filtered, aged, processed, and finally bottled by hand brininging you an amazing food experience. All you have to do is crack the seal and enjoy!

All products are available in personal and gift sizes.


Shelly Walsh
West Montrose

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