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Hazel Earth Design is handcrafted in the beautiful region of Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Janine Child, the designer behind each creation at Hazel Earth Design, has been following her creative pursuits since a very young age.  

Janine studied Cosmetics Techniques and Management at Sheridan College and started her career as a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics where she worked for over a decade, before branching off as a professional freelance makeup artist. Her love of making jewelry and her innate entrepreneurial sense would eventually bring her to the inception of Hazel Earth Design. Her work as an artist in different mediums has given her invaluable experience with colour and texture that translates into her designs. Her beautifully handcrafted bead, metal and leather pieces showcase her of love nature and working with natural elements that translates into an earthy vibe. Each piece from Hazel Earth Design is individually handcrafted in small batch quantities, also offering one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

Hazel Earth Design is a jewelry line with an earthy, casual vibe. Much of my inspiration comes from the great outdoors. I spend a lot of time walking with my dogs, drawing inspiration from local neighbourhood gardens, hiking trails and camping in Ontario. This love of the natural environment resonates in my designs through colour, and material choices. Each piece is individually handcrafted and showcases my interest in natural elements.



Janine Child
St. Catharines

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