Yasmine Louis

I’m a francophone silkscreen artist based in Toronto. My line of clothing and scarves C’EST COMME ÇA are an intimate journal of my everyday life. For me silkscreening is a creative tool, all my shirts and scarves are individually printed by me using a combination of two to six prints from different screens. I like to focus on the narrative behind the design as much as the print. Most of my designs are from photographs that I took in Ontario, or are text-based. I always incorporate personal writing suggestive of a specific moment, individual to each piece and to its wearer. Being francophone, I also like to integrate French in my work.

In 2019 I was nominated in the Hall of Fame Inductee at the One of A Kind Show  (each year the show inducts one artist among over 800 who excels in their medium), and 13 of my prints on paper are in the City of Toronto Art Collection. I've been also commissioned three times for artist shirts by the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Yasmine Louis

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Web: www.yasminelouis.com

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