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Forest + Fauna is a collection of artfully-handcrafted wood pieces that gives back to Canadian wildlife and lands with every purchase.

The artist, Michelle duQuesnay, takes pride in focusing on sustainability, local resourcing, and supporting local businesses.

Michelle duQuesnay is a full-time sculptor, woodworker, and photographer and the artist behind Forest + Fauna.

What sets Forest + Fauna products apart is our commitment to offering high-quality handmade pieces in a manner that is both sustainable and contributes to social good.



Forest + Fauna is an Ontario Wood Partner and uses exclusively sustainably sourced (FSC-certified) and reclaimed lumbers. Whether foraged, reclaimed, or purchased we use non-threatened native tree species to help promote awareness of local forests and biodiversity.

Michelle is largely working with ash sourced from her backyard woodlot, which has been devastated by the invasive Emerald Ash Beetle. She is thoughtfully reclaiming these beautiful and historic trees to give them a second life.

Wood finishes are truly all-natural, free from plastics or petroleum by-products, ensuring their ecological sustainability.

In Michelle's creative process, nothing is wasted. Off-cuts from one project frequently become the foundation for the next piece.



Michelle uses a mix of traditional and modern carving techniques to create different effects that are combined with the natural variations that come with working with wood.

Michelle’s creative process yields sculptural pieces that take the shape of textural explorations, airy lines, and fluid curves.



Forest + Fauna is a collection of work ranging from decorative, functional, semi-functional and wearable, each telling a unique story.


Explore the range of Forest + Fauna – where conscious living meets timeless design and craftsmanship.



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