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We are all about enjoying good food and Entertaining! Dave and Sandy, are a husband and wife team, whom make and create our own products (no employees). We have been offering our healthy delicious preserves to customers for over 25 years. Currently we have two distinct brands, the "Cook's Gourmet" line includes tapenade, tapas, infused olive oils and herb blends. This line is following the healthy ingredients from the Mediterranean diet. These are all amazing included on a charcuterie board or other appetizers. Also everyday meals including stuffing for meat dishes, pesto for pasta, topping for sandwiches and even included in your omelettes!

Our other line is called "Hard Cider Kitchen", Sandy created this line about five years ago. It is our local ingredient line using mainly apples and hard cider. This line includes jam that is made with natural pectin, salad dressings and BBQ sauces. The jam is very fresh not sweet like others, salad dressing can be used on salads but also as marinade for your meats and lastly BBQ sauces can be used with meats and also tofu.

All products that we make are gluten free, vegan, no or very low sodium and many are sugar free or lower in sugar. We pride ourselves in making healthy food for our customers to enjoy themselves and with others. With each purchase we give a full list of recipes from appetizers, breakfast, lunch and mains. We have many gift packages for you to choose for your holiday gift giving.


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