Julia Spittel

Drawn to colour and inspired by nature, each piece of Julia's glass is a wearable work of art illustrating abstract scenes of land, sea and sky.

Years of work in other media such as landscape photography, handthrown pottery and jewellery making have lead Julia to her current processes of designing her landscapes in glass and firing them in her potter's kiln!

Being a dedicated maker in a variety of arenas has allowed Julia to cross artistic boundries developing unique and unexpected approaches  to glass making such as glass grafting and glass marquetry.  As well, Julia makes many of the components you see in her landscape pendant scenes from scratch since they do not exist as ready made materials for sale in the marketplace.  As a result, Julia's work is highly unique and immediately recognizable for its elegant organic aesthethic.  For example, Julia's "Flowerpot Glass" is made to capture the molten flow of the glass at its top firing temperature of 1670 degrees F.  Tesselated into her landscape scenes, this glass is used to express the softer elements of the environment like wind, water, leaves and smoke.

All work is handmade by Julia Spittel in her studio in Aurora, Ontario.

Glass pendants are sold with sterling silver chains specifically designed to enhance the piece and the wearer.





Julia Spittel

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