Amy Leigh Ceramics

Hi my name is Amy I am a ceramics artist from London, Ontario.

My love for ceramics started back in highschool and has continously grown over the years. I love the process of creating new glazes and working with different clay bodies. Most of my work tends to have an organic style and element to it but I also love to add a pop of colour in for fun.

The pieces that I'm best known for are my 22kt gold nippled boob mugs.  When I started making these many years ago, I thought it would be fun to make all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colours with hope to promote body positivity, inclusion and diversity.  Throughout the years it became much more than that, and I have had the pleasure to work closely with a number of women currently fighting breast cancer, or breast cancer survivors who wanted an individualized or custom made boob mug reflective of themselves. It gives me so much joy to create something that makes a persons morning coffee/tea just that much better, or can put a smile on their face when they open the kitchen cabinet. 

With each show, I like to bring an assortment of handmade pieces that can fit into any kitchen/home aesthetic. From hanging planters to serving dishes, jewellery catch alls, decorative items, and incense burners, I have it all. 

My mission is to make beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art that are unique and one-of-a kind, while also being completely functional for every day use.



Amy Klinkhamer

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