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Tracy’s Wine Jellies is a family owned business manufacturing award winning products since 1997.  We are located in the heart of the Niagara Wine Region; Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Wine Jellies make wonderful easy appetizers.  They pair well with a fine cracker, a variety of cheeses such as Camembert, Brie, Cream Cheese, and Cheddar.  Jellies can be served with grilled chicken or pork, toast, bagel, or scone.

In addition to our 11 flavours of Wine Jellies, there are 6 flavours of Craft Beer Jellies and 3 NEW Bourbon Jellies.  Both the Beer and the Bourbon Jellies pair with your favourite cheese and they also compliment grilled chicken, pork, and fish.  Try them on your toast, grilled cheese sandwich, hamburger, and vanilla ice cream.

About the Owner – Tracy Hanson

After graduating from high school in Hamilton, Ontario, Tracy attended the Architectural Design School at the University of Manitoba.  Soon after graduating, Tracy married and had 3 children.  After leaving Winnipeg, the family eventually moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Deciding to be a “stay at home mom” and foregoing her career in design, Tracy wanted to create a home-based business.  Working from home provided the opportunity to raise a family and afford to return to her equestrian hobby.  Living in a “wine region”, Tracy Hanson created her business in 1997 introducing wine jelly to the Niagara Region.  Tracy’s part time business has now become a fulltime family business.


Tracy Hanson

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