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My name is Tina Logassi and I am the artist behind Prim Heirloom Designs (Stratford, Ontario).  I both design and make decorative dolls and ornaments, many of which are one of a kind and seasonal.

I put a lot of thought into what I create, and am eco-conscious regarding which materials I work with.  I use a lot of thrifted fabrics and trinkets, local sheep wool from Wallenstein, wool-blend felts, etc.  I use fabric scraps to stuff my dolls instead of polyester stuffing, which results in zero waste produced from fabric in my sewing room.  I strive for timeless, intentional décor and I incorporate as many natural elements as I can. I love to evoke feelings of nostalgia for past eras.

Everything you see has been cut, stitched and handmade by my own hands, Tina Logassi.


Tina Logassi

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