VC Jewellery

"I am the sole designer and maker of all my jewellery. I use traditional goldsmithing techniques such as hammering, sawing, soldering and forming with bench tools. Pieces are constructed out of sterling silver sheets and wire. I also carve designs into wax. The wax pieces I carve represent about 10-15% of my work. I carve my design into wax and then have it cast into metal by a casting house. I receive the pieces back in rough form, then I have to “clean” the pieces up by grinding, filing, sanding and soldering any parts together, polish or add any surface finishes. All cast pieces are design and hand carved by me. I do all my own stringing, knotting and setting of any gemstones. The only commercial parts I use are some findings such as ear wires, claps, small beads and fine chain. My studio is located in my home. I work alone with no employees. All work is done in my studio with exception to casting due to lack of space for the equipment."


Valerie Csopak

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