Tulips and Twitch Garden Art and Decor

We are a small husband and wife business that started in 2021 after we couldn’t find hand made garden art and décor that we loved.

We sell a variety of Garden Art and Decor items that are all hand crafted by us or other local talented artists. It is our goal as artists ourselves and small business owners to also support other working artists therefore, we include many works of art within our selection. All design and production are done in Canada.

Our focus is on items that capture the beauty of nature. 

Some of our designs include small, medium, and large flowers in many designs including sunflowers, hibiscus, oriental lilies, lotus, daisy's. We also have dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds, herons, tool bugs, cat tails 3 piece and 5 piece, caterpillars, wall lizards.

Some of our other pieces include MM Feathers, Rusty Feathers, Med. Leaf Trio, DragonFlyers, Fish, Sm Bee Stake, 8" Flower Stake, Iris Small, Medium, large, Native Garden Sign, Wall Sparrow Cut Out, Chickadees, Nuthatch, Blue Jay, Crows, Oriele Feeder, Leaves, Small Pine Trees 9", Small Pine Trees 11", Small Pine Trees 14", bee stakes, lily pads.

Large Pine Trees 28", Large Pine Trees 36", Large Pine Trees 48", Open Heart with Bird, Bird Stake with nest, Heart Stake.

We also sell a variety of items made out of rocks including snails, ducks, birds, bugs, spiders and geese and concrete mushrooms.



Melissa Nantais
St. Agatha

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