Code Red is a delicious dark chocolate product that can lessen the severity of menstrual pain. This new supplemented food uses evidence-based bioactive ingredients, including vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium, to reduce menstrual pain severity. The pre-portioned chocolate squares are free of artificial flavours, preservatives, and additives. Plus, Code Red uses Fairtrade cocoa and sugar and compostable packaging to reduce its environmental impact. Code Red is the first product of its kind in Canada, which simultaneously offers the pleasure of eating chocolate during menstruation along with pain relief. Menstruation can be difficult, but period pain doesn’t have to be anymore with Code Red! Period.

Each package is handcrafted in small batches using quality bioactive ingredients and 71% dark chocolate at a health-inspected commercial kitchen in Mississauga, Ontario. Code Red was developed by Jessica Ulbikas, a recent University of Guelph graduate in the Human Health and Nutritional Sciences masters program. Jessica has a wealth of nutritional science and food product development expertise, which she used to found BioSnactive Foods Inc. This new startup focuses on making nutritious treats that do good for you and the planet, starting with Code Red.


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