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Carla’s story starts with her love and passion for family. Carla’s Cookie Box is an independent woman-owned and operated local online bakery.  She specializes in Award-Winning Gourmet Butter Tarts, Artisanal Cookies & Luscious Deep Fudge Brownies.  Carla Brizzi started her online baking business from a blooming love of baking as an Italo-Canadian. 

My Italian roots and passion for anything sweet prompted me to really hone in on my grandmother’s traditions. I love when food comes from its natural state.  The simplicity in cooking is what makes our ancestor’s food so flavourful.

With the importance of supporting LOCAL, Carla found a way to support local farmers and businesses while building her own local business.carla

I wanted to support other people that were doing what I was doing but I didn’t have the financial means to do it.  I decided right from the start of my business that purchasing local raw materials to make my own product was the way I could do my part to support farmers & local artisans.


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