Our re-noggins line of hats are sourced from reclaimed clothing and found fabrics with an emphasis on natural fibers. Hand crafted in Guelph, one of a kind and designed to be whimsically practical, noggins are not manufactured. There are several styles within this line with the majority being reversible and adjustable, so every noggin can find their noggins! The prices range from $35 to $65. Our wooly noggins line are handcrafted using freeform crochet and natural fibers. Each wooly noggin is made without a pattern so they are as unique as you are. There are several styles within this line as well ranging from $35 to $160 for a fully felted and blocked hat with needle felting and embroidery. True wearable art. Keeping in mind our student audience at Fair November, we are providing a healthy clearance selection including many of our lines with prices all under $35.


Charlene Downey and Judy Witty

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