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I am a Guelph based potter and have been making functional pots for daily use in the home for over a decade. My work is formed by hand, primarily on the potters wheel. Everything is then decorated, fired, glazed and fired again, by me, at the studio. My intention has been to make excellent, durable pots that will enjoy a long life of use and enjoyment. To this end I use hard, functional, food safe glazes and strong, durable clay bodies. Everything is dishwasher and microwave safe. My work falls into two lines. The stoneware features surprising and often poignant or humorous imagery created through a combination of stencil resist, slip work, carving and stamping. The imagery often includes people and dinosaurs, trees, telephone poles and fence lines, bicycles and animals. The second more recent line uses a classic contrast of the bright white of porcelain and cobalt blue. It features clean profiles and a minimalist decoration of incised lines. It is meant to quietly appeal to lovers of well made objects.


Chris Hierlihy

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