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Esther Gould's Finest Desserts is a small hands on company. We do everything ourselves, from searching out the best quality ingredients, to the making and baking of our products, and from hand packaging to direct sales. Everything is made by hand in the traditional manner. We produce a quality product. We make small batches and each batch is carefully crafted. Process is important. We put great care into the outcome. We use the same ingredients my mother used when she first created these recipes, which results in an authentic homemade product. We use no preservatives and all natural ingredients. Our goal is to provide the best in the traditional manner. Though it may take longer the result is better. We began with just our Mandelbroit Cookies. What sets our cookies apart from all others is Esther Gould's secret recipe and baking process which produces cookies that are softer, more flavourful and more versatile than most other biscotti. Our cookies are often described as a cross between a shortbread and a biscotti. All of our cookies are lactose free. We offer sweet, savoury, gluten free and nut free varieties as well. Our customers have inspired us to expand our product line to include our cheesecakes in a jar and our dessert sauces. We use our cookies as the base of the cheescake. We offer a wide variety of cheesecake flavors: apple, pear & ginger, triple berry, buttertart - baked in a jar. Easily transportable and perfect for freezing. Each one of our unique dessert sauces is slowly cooked to maintain and enhance the flavours . We have 3 flavours that use real alcohol and 3 without. Each flavour has been uniquely crafted. Our sauces can be used in combination with numerous desserts. Just heat them for 30 seconds in the microwave and then simply drizzle them on ice cream, fruit, pies, cakes etc. You just have to taste then to fully realize how uniquely special they are!






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