Aleksandra Jewellery



  • Handmade 1/4” letter necklaces
  • Blank & hand stamped discs. 
  • Blank & inscribed horizontal & vertical bars
  • Fingerprint pendants
  • Up cycled Beach glass bezel and claw set necklaces 


  • Up cycled Beach Glass Studs
  • Box chain Threaders
  • Hoops (all diameters hammered & smooth)
  • Lobe cuffs 
  • Huggies 
  • Studs (various shaped, metals & stones) 
  • Geometric arch earrings. 


  • Bangles (blank, textured & inscribed) 
  • Leather wraps (blank plates & inscribed )
  • Delicate Chain (various chain with or without charms) 


  • Signet rings
  • Bezel and claw set 
  • Fingerprint rings
  • Blank and inscribed rings  
  • Stacker sets 

Every single item at Aleksandra Jewellery is made from complete scratch. A made “in house” approach is an essential element to my business model in that I maintain “the local & handcrafted” appeal my customers specifically seek out. I design, create and finish each item.

All of my pieces start off from either a sheet of 1.0 metal or a spool of wire ranging anywhere from 14-22 gauge. Large spools of chains are purchased along with round spring clasping for assembling purposes. 

I am a firm believer in supporting the Canadian economy and buying from within my country first and foremost. Nothing is purchased or sourced elsewhere. My sterling silver and 14 karat gold sheets and wire and solder supplies come from Umicore in New Market ON. I purchase my brass from Supermetal Markets in St. Catherines ON. Stones and certain findings are purchased in the Fashion district in Toronto on Queen St. W. Everything else is purchased locally as much as possible. Tools and machinery are bought from Gesswein Supplies in Etobicoke, ON. 

Semi precious stones are either sourced from local suppliers in bulk or collected on my travels. If a stone or a piece of beach glass is too large I will break it down with a mallet,  put it in my rock Tumbler for 5 to 7 days until I get the desired size and smoothness and voila, it’s ready to be set. 

I also have my own mini refinery in my studio. I am now able melt down all my scrap pieces of metal and form them into new designs.


Aleksandra Huryn
Crystal Beach

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