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Aleksandra Jewellery was founded in 2005 and specializes in multifunctional jewellery. The collection is unique in that it consists of several convertible pieces that are engineered to be worn multiple ways! Each piece from the collection includes a “ways to wear” customized style guide specifically for the piece purchased. This style guide gives the customer directions and image references to help them create all the different looks. My customers are able to let their creative juices flow when styling their piece in the infinite ways. As they add to their collection they find the possibilities are endless! The multifunctional line has best been described as extremely versatile, clever, innovative, adaptable, timeless, high quality and most importantly, FUN. 
My design ethos for over a decade has been to design functional, high quality pieces that can adapt on a whim. I appeal to the customer who is looking for a deeper purchase and a “less is more” mindset. I hope to change the way customers think about their purchases by encouraging women to buy less, choose well and make it last. Society has sadly fallen into the habit of buying throwaway fashion jewellery, which ultimately it is detrimental to our landfills. It’s better for our environment to buy less and create less waste.

In 2017, I completed an introduction to metalsmith at the KW Studio of metalsmith. Since then, the collection has diversified. I now offer a minimalist and refined line of jewellery that is %100 interchangeable and complimentary with the existing multifunctional line. 

I use many different types of semi precious stones (no plastic). Mostly aqua Marine, labradorite, Czech glass, quartz, citrine, onyx, fossil coral, amethyst. I also love working with ebony wood beads.

My chains consist of premium silver plated, antique brass, and sterling silver. All are hypo allergenic and nickel free. I also use 14, 16, and 18 gauge wire and sheets of sterling silver and brass metal. 

I also incorporate different fabrics such as recycled saree silk, lace and the leather. I feel the soft ethereal fabrics add a great texture and juxtaposition to the hard metals in jewellery. . 

 I design jewellery from a personal and thoughtful place. I am inspired by nature, art,  simplicity and the modern woman. Everything I create is something I would wear myself. I have a bright sunroom and well ventilated garage studio where all my multifunctional designs are made. Each piece from this collection has a documented formula with specific measurements ensuring the quality, consistency and integrity of each finished product. My designs have been honed and perfected over the span of a decade. Pieces from my collection range anywhere from $20-$125.


Aleksandra Huryn
Crystal Beach

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