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I focus my woodturning and woodworking to highlight the natural beauty of woods that are primarily native to Ontario. I make one of a kind functional and artistic creations. Woods are chosen with preference given to burled material, unique grain patterns and the natural designs caused by wood decay fungi, referred to as spalting. I also create cutting boards and charcuterie boards as well as unique coloured bowls and platters including composite bowls and serving boards made from wood pieces and epoxy resin. I am a licensee of the Ontario Wood program and am largely self-taught but have attended various woodturning seminars in Canada and the U.S.

Wood is obtained from locally sourced logs or purchased from specialty suppliers. Wood turnings are often partially turned while still green and then waxed and set aside for several years to air dry before the piece is turned to final stage then it is sanded and treated with a food safe or natural finish. Depending on the item, some pieces can be turned while still green from start to finish. In these cases, the item undergoes some warping which adds to its rustic value. Aniline wood dyes, epoxy resin, woodburning, rotary carving or other enhancements are used depending on the final desired effect. All items are made by hand in my shop and I am the sole creator. The final outcome is inspired by the wood itself including grain orientation and colour. Each piece is a statement of nature’s design.

Products that are not turned on the lathe, such as cutting boards, candleholders, breadknives etc., are made with the same philosophy for bringing out the best in the wood and ensuring safe, natural finishes. All pieces have warranties against defect.


Errol Caldwell
Echo Bay

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