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We either start with clay or its liquid version. The clay is rolled into slabs and shaped or thrown only a wheel. Our slip is used in our molding process. These processes are typically handled by any one of the three of us. Once pieces are formed, they move on to be decorated. We use texture as our decoration method. The texture is applied by using stamps or is applied by hand using loop tools and slip trailing ( a method to create raised texture ). Sandra is primarily responsible for decorating. All our products whether tile, pendant or functional item start life in this way. All items are then glazed. Once the product is glazed it moves on to the next stage. If the item is a pendant it receives a chain and if tile is mounted to our in house made coat racks, or key racks. If the item is a functional piece it is finished when glazed. Gavin and Gary typically do the glazing. Our wooden components start life as rough saw lumber, that are trimmed and cut to size. We sand the pieces and break the edges, but are careful not to remove the saw marks as this adds to the character of the piece. We finish the wood by painting them with at least two coats of paint. Hooks, nails and hangers are then mounted in various ways to the painted wooden components. The handmade tile is then attached to the face of the wooden components. Our general price range is from $10 to $98


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