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Earth to Body is a family oriented business located on the shores of Lac St. Louis, in the West Island of Montréal, in Quebec, Canada. We develop our own recipes from scratch and do NOT use any pre-prepared bases that are available on the market. There are no parabens, alcohol or chemical preservatives in our products. We have a small shop and production area in Pointe Claire where customers can see product being made. Our specialty cold process soaps are made with lye, natural oils and butters. They are healthy shampoo/soaps, and are rewarding on both normal and sensitive skins. Our customers are finding amazing results and it is challenging to keep up with the demand. Our creams, lotions, balms and salves are made with natural carrier and essential oils. The oils and butters are heated to exactly the right temperature and then skillfully blended with distilled water and natural emulsifiers to produce an incredibly nutritious and moisturizing product that softens and tones the skin. We use pure free range emu oil from Australia, Argan oil (eco-certified, Fair trade from Morocco, Shea Butter (organic, Fair Trade) andpure  Neem oil from India. Our newest addition, tamanu oil is sustainable and organic. Along with the product development, manufacture, and processing we design our own labels, brochures and do extensive literature research to share with our customers. Our Price range is $7 to $118...average price range $25 If a student spends $50.00 in the booth we will offer a free lip balm of their choice (either Emu or Argan) They love our lip balms!


John Shannon
Pointe Claire

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