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I am an alpaca farmer with a herd of 75 alpacas and 2 llamas. I care and raise these gentle beautiful animals and take my guardianship of them very seriously. These animals are shorn once a year and their luxurious soft fibre is spun into yarn. There are several different types of yarn made, some is a chunky yarn used for knitting warm hats and neck warmers, some is a finer ply yarn used to crochet elegant hats, headbands, scarves and some is made into our gorgeous woven products, ponchos, shawls, blanket scarves and our new capelet. I have developed some unique one of a kind pieces that are hand knit and simply stunning. Some fibre is sent to be made into our top selling socks and insoles. The less desired fibre is used to make dryer balls and insoles so that the efficiency of what these animals produce is maximized. Alpaca is 7 times warmer than wool and is also considered hypo allergenic so most people who are allergic to wool can enjoy wearing soft non-itchy alpaca products. The prices range from $20 for a pair of insoles (great to wear in your Blundstone boots!) $60 for a fabulous hat or neck warmer up to $250 for the one of a kind statement pieces in my collection. There is something for everyone!


Judy Kingsbury

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