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It was the eighties, I was a 21 year old woman and my sister wanted a pair of suede pants. I had already delved deep into the world of sewing but it all revolved around fabric fashion, no leather! The rest, like they say, is history!

Leather clothing shifted into leather accessories. It was then, that my skills as a leathersmith truly began to flourish. I taught myself bag making and have spent years designing and developing an extensive small leather goods line.

If it can be made in leather, I have probably made it, whether it be belts, blotters, leather hassocks, motorcycle side saddles or even leather wedding dresses. Please be aware as well that I am able to monogram a number of my designs.

That you have landed here is a good indication that you are part of the growing demographic that is understanding in various ways the importance of buying local, supporting small enterprise and building community.

Should you make the decision to buy a Karen Gunna product be assured that I have taken the time and effort to meticulously craft it with a careful blend of appropriate leathers, durable hardware and indestructible threads.

I stand by my work and do so hope you will be pleased with your leather item. May your purchase serve you as well as so many leather items have served me and others over the years.

To any returning clients- if you are searching for something and not finding it just get into contact with me. There is a very good chance that I still have it and if not would be able to make it. In the meantime- thanks for your continued interest in my work.

Shaving Kit-$79.99

Mathilda Shoulder Bag- $225.00

Xmas Ornament- $13.50

Leather Work Apron-$225.00

Chef's Knife Roll-$195

Bells x 6 -$45.00

Wallet- $69.99

Pencil Case- $29.99

Classic Belt- $65.00

Mercedes Shoulder Bag- $295.00

Hook Belt- $99.99



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