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Hello my name is Kerri-Lee Benson, I am a self-taught designer and artisan and I’ve been self-employed, as a crafter since 2005, full-time. As a designer, I am inspired by colour and texture, motivated by preserving our environment and driven to design multi-functional items. I love to combine function and beauty. Comfee Cushion is my unique design. I designed the Comfee Cushion in 2008 and launched it into the market in 2009. My sole focus and design now is Comfee Cushions. I make Comfee cushions from designer upholstery fabrics, rescued from a furniture mfg in GTA that would be otherwise be bound for the dump. This offers me a wonderful mix of colours and textures and the durability needed to produce a quality made craft and prevents waste. I use is bioplush foam, made from 30% soy oil (a renewable resource) for my insert, the batteries are recyclable and the motor, a class 2 medical device with a 40 yr history in production, has an average life span of between 20 and 25 years.  My Comfee cushion meets all the marks for a quality handmade in Canada craft that offers customers excellent benefits, longevity and beauty with all my fabulous fabrics. Proudly MADE by HAND in CANADA.


Kerri-Lee Benson

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