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DejaVu Design is a sewing studio located near the village of Hillsburgh Ontario , in the hills of Wellington County.

The business is owned and operated by Laura Levitt.  She wanted to create and develop a business that focused on  Conscious consumption.  

Each season DejaVu creates and blends fabrics and garments.  The design process blends new materials , upcycled garments, found textiles and in-house printed graphics.  

All garment and pattern design is done in the studio by Laura.  Cutting, sewing and  assembly is done in the Hillsburgh studio.  All fabric and garment curation is done by Laura.

Graphic design plays a big role at DejaVu.  Quotes, graphics and images are digitally created, professionally printed with washable inks, pressed in-house at the DejaVu studio and applied to upcycled vests and jackets.  Each garment is truly one of a kind.

DejaVu also creates garments from new materials & textiles. 

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