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Canadian handmade angels, Santas, snowmen, stars... all original designs, while keeping in mind renewable resources and recyclables. Perfect tree-toppers and beautiful unique wreaths for the snowy winter.

Natural cotton muslin is washed, dried and cut, dipped and draped, forming soft folds.  Dried for 18-24 hours.  Different handmade embellishments, bows, mini wreaths, bell legs, haloes, wings etc. are used to decorate the prepared bodies. Wood shreds are used as hair(North American grown aspen, sometimes water-based wood stained), glued on heads and trimmed.  Delicately hand finished with various decorations, the product is misted with a horticulture industry gold or silver dust spray(environmentally safe propellant, used on live plants) to add sparkle. 

Our snowmen, stars, Santas and angels are used to adorn various wreaths of burlap, greenery and pip beads.  Canadian straw wreaths are covered in wintery wools and planted with a forest of vintage snowy bottlebrush trees.  We absolutely love the holiday season!!  


Leena Kimsto

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