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We love hand-building as it gives us the freedom to twist, bend, curl and roll the slabs into fluid, organic, and functional shapes. We use a mid-range stoneware buff body for its tooth and manageability to create pieces. The pieces are then put into the kiln and fired to 1800F. Next, we glaze the pots with a matte or glossy base glaze and decorate with a variety of methods such as painting, brushing, stippling, sponging, and trailing metallic oxides and stains. The result is a wide range of pattern and colour. The pottery is fired again in the kiln to 2200F where the glaze melts to form a coating of glass and the clay body becomes vitrified. We have won many awards for our clay designs and recently (2018) exhibited at the Design at Riverside Gallery in the School of Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario. Our general price range is $14-$250, with many items priced under $30. 

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