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TERRA ORGANICA - Small Batch • Handmade • Plant Dyes • OrganicNaturally Dyed Fibres - Cozy, soft organic textured Jute, Cotton and Linen Bags, Scarves, Tops

Terra Organica is a small, local Campbellville Ontario, wife and husband-owned business, We keep our business seriously down to earth, with Eco friendly goods and practices. For us, this means paying attention to the little choices. Creating products with Eco friendly inks, natural dyes, organic fabrics and modern design.  We can all strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Which means we must use less of the earth’s natural resources, replenish what we can and produce less waste.

Why not start with a stylish organic naturally dyed compostable bag. We know a cute bag can be contagious, and good for mother earth too. 
Let’s get back to basics together, have a little fun and honor nature too.

HOW WE MAKE IT?  All of our Jute, cotton and Linen is Pre-washed Contemporary Linens with Vintage Treatment, then dyed in small batches, there is always a slight variance between dye pots. Artisan fabric shows the hand of the dyer through irregularities and variations. These are considered desirable characteristics and are valued marks of hand made fabric. As with all hand dyed fabric, there will be slight tonal shading and variations in each piece. All products are sized so that no fabric is wasted. We use all the end of leather waste and Recycled/ Upcycled 
An easy and convenient way to minimize your environmental impact and keeps toxins out of your body and your food because these bags are organic, sustainable, non- toxic! Our bags come with zipper pockets to ensure the storage and security of your everyday treasures and perfect for making everyday a little special.

We know being green is good and believe you do too.


Maria G Cervantes

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