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Using only the freshest Canadian Atlantic Lobster and Canadian Snow Crab, both our Lobster Mousse and Crab Mousse are carefully hand blended with all premium quality ingredients and poured into beautiful glass jars. These two delicious, fresh, unique dips are fortunate enough to have become a popular item at the juried artisan shows that we participate in. We have also had the privilege to build new loyal and lovely customers in our participation at Fair November Shows in the past. We truly did miss not being part of the 2019 show last season! 

Our unique dip is versatile (and fair warning...addicting!) allowing our customers to cook using our product in addition to some fabulous recipes and ideas we offer. We offer both of these dips in three sized jars to accommodate all price points and personal needs. Either Lobster or Crab Mousse in 100ml jar is $12 ea or two jars for $23.  Either Lobster or Crab Mousse in 200ml jar is $21 ea or two jars for $40.  Either Lobster or Crab Mousse in 370ml jar is $39 ea or two jars for $74.  (our products are non taxable grocery item) 

Our Lobster and Crab Mousse make a perfect hostess gift, a unique and flavorful addition to a chacuterie board for entertaining or a wonderful 'shellfish' gift to yourself.  Really any excuse will do!   Even the most discerning seafood lover is sure to enjoy!

This will be a "Moussed" have on your things to get at Fair November!


Marnie Lynn Sennett
St. Catharines

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